Simulation technology is a technology that we have been using since the establishment of our company. We create physical models dealing with traffic, air velocity, pollution concentration, heat at the time of the fire, and smoke, and then predict and reproduce the phenomena on a computer to evaluate and improve energy-saving and fire evacuation environments. Using this technology, we provide "Fire Evacuation Simulation" and risk analysis services.


We select excellent sensors from Japan and overseas and commercialize them  as measuring instruments for road tunnels. Example: Pump-less CO meter We have also commercialized instruments that combine sensors with our own algorithms. Example: Laser traffic counter

System Development

We have developed and commercialized a ventilation measurement control panel,  which is the key component of ventilation control systems, by making use of the measurement characteristics we have developed through our modeling and sensing technologies.

Power Electronics

We have succeeded in commercializing the world's first inverter panel for jet fans in road tunnels. This is our unique technology that received the best paper award at the international conference.

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