We have formulated an action plan.

Action plan

We have formulated the following action plan in order to develop an employment environment where employees can exercise their abilities and maintain a good work-life balance.

1.Plan execution period

 Five years from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2023


 【Target 1】

  By July 2019, we introduce a short-hour work system that can be used by employees who have children before elementary schools.


 ・December 2018 and on: Start of consideration

 ・June 2019 and on: Introduction of the system and announcement to employees


 【Target 2】

  We establish a consultation desk for female employees who are pregnant, who are in or after maternity leave, and who are undergoing infertility treatment. 


 ・April 201 and on: Consider setting up a consultation desk

 ・May 2019 and on: Counselor training

 ・June 2019 and on: Inform employees about the establishment of a

  consultation desk


 【Target 3】

  We increase the number of days of annual paid leave taken per person to an average of 10 days or more per year.


 ・ March 2019 and on: Grasp the acquisition status of annual paid leave

 ・April 2019 and on: Conduct management training several times during the   planning period for systematic acquisition

 ・April 2019 and on: Create a plan for taking annual paid leave in each department